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SQB CONNECTOR Squib Connector (Shunt-Less)
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The JST SQB Connector is designed to interface with ‘shunt-less’ squib retainers in accordance with USCAR 999-U-002-1-Z04 Rev. C. The retainer interface does not incorporate a shorting bar which in turn, simplifies the mating process via a spring and push out system.

Typically developed for Automotive Airbag and Seat-Belt Pretensioner applications, this connector incorporates an anti-scooping fail-safe design, which makes it ideal for blind spot environments where application assembly is restricted.


Shunt-Less Squib Connector
Mates with retainer without shorting bar.

Interface standard
4 codings compatible with retainers according to USCAR 999-U-002-1-Z04.

Go / No-Go Mating System
Self-rejection system to prevent incomplete mating. Operating efficiency is improved by audible and tactile feeling of CPA clicking.

Stability of Electrical Connection
Terminal has three contact points which incorporates a ferrule design to provide extra spring support around the contact area.

Noise Suppression
Ferrite core provides simple and reliable noise suppression characteristics.

01 - Connection Type: Automotive
02 - Product Type: Squib Connector
06 - Temperature range: -40 to +85 Degrees Celsius
08 - Standard: Shunt-Less
14 - Typical Application: Airbag

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