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RSXA CONNECTOR 2.5mm Pitch Card Edge Type IDC Connector
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The JST RSXA Series is a 2.5mm pitch IDC RAST style connector, which incorporates JST’s distinctive IDC Twin U-Slot contact design. This RAST 2.5 compliant card edge system is available in a variety of locking and polarising combinations.

Although RAST (Raster Anschluss Steck Technik, which is German for ‘grid connection plug technology’), was standardised as a terminal block specification back in the 1980s for domestic appliance products, it has now evolved to be utilised in a variety of applications and is ideal for high volume production environments.

The RSXA Connector is available in 2 to 10 circuit variations, with a current rating of 4Amps (AWG#22), 250V AC/DC Voltage, operating temperature range of -25OC to +105OC and a material rating of UL94V-0.


  • Domestic Appliance
  • Automotive
  • Air Conditioning
  • Factory Automation
  • Vending Machines

# These are a representation of some of the applications and uses of this product, and is by no means definitive.

RAST 2.5 Standard

  • The connector meets RAST 2.5 standard requirements.

Twin U-slot Insolation Displacement (ID) design

  • The ID interface section of the connector consists of JST’s proven twin U-slot structure, which guarantees high reliability in the contact area.

JST IDC U Slot Image 

IDC Benefits

  • The benefits of IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector) is that;
    • Shorter and optimal harness production times can be achieved and low cost realised.
    • Exceptional harness quality can be consistently accomplished.

Card Edge PCB mounting

  • Designed to straddle the edge of the PCB, thus increasing component real estate and wire routing flexibility.

Secure locking feature

  • The connector has a selection of locking features that prevents accidental disconnection due to restricted wire routing or high environmental vibration. Depending on the application and PCB design, this connector can be;

RSXA Secure Lock Feaure 

Incorrect mating prevention

  • Multiple Keying and Polarising Rib options provide a variety of connector solutions, thus reducing plugging errors and inventory levels.

RSXA Keying Feature


  • 2-10 Position

Application equipment

  • Hand, Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic assembly devices are available.


  • RAST 2.5
  • UL Recognized E60389

RoHS Compliant 

01 - Connection Type: Chain Terminals/Splices
01 - Connection Type: Printed Circuit Board Connectors
02 - Product Type: RAST Connector System
02 - Product Type: Card Edge Connectors
02 - Product Type: Wire to Board Insulation Displacement Connectors
03 - Pitch / Style: 2.50mm
04 - Current rating: 2A AC,DC
04 - Current rating: 4A AC,DC
05 - Voltage rating: 250V AC,DC
06 - Temperature range: -25 to +105 Degrees Celsius
07 - Available number of circuits: 2 to 10

Full Technical Drawings

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